all copyright belongs to Barrington De La Roche and Inesa Vaiciute De La Roche


Dark Trade

The Dark Trade is an orgy of the senses. This piece is a group of 4 individual films each dealing with the realm of the senses. Each film contradicts itself: pleasure and pain, absorption and rejection, creation and destruction, innocence and fabrication. They are grouped in pairs with each pair both complimentary and simultaneously questioning the other. They deal in abnormality reflected in the daily routine, creating an endless cycle of social conditioning which is of itself an obscenity.

Dark Theatre


Discovery BZN Park

Unit 4, St. James Road, London SE16


•  Spaghetti. 2007, 11min video installation

•  Stitch. 1999, 11min video installation

•  Breakfast, 2006, 13min video installation

•  Split Ends at Dusk. 2008, 13min video installation



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