all copyright belongs to Barrington De La Roche and Inesa Vaiciute De La Roche

Taste of Freud

This performance is looking at life from a completely personal point of view, expressing emotions and interpreting life as the artists struggle to express their individualities in seeking beauty in pain and the forbidden, against a backdrop of ever growing condemnation.

The performance is meant to promote the concept of sexuality from innocence to the consequences of human integration.

From the innocence of children playing in the river (on the centre screen), through flirtatious encounters at school and the matter of fact, sexual attitude of today's teenagers, through the post-modern medium of Internet dating (being read) alongside Freud's original - and at the time controversial - interpretation on sexuality (also simultaneously being read).

Through the consequences of social intercourse and conditioning, the beauty and realism of child-birth, (left and right screens, parts 1), the resulting pain of child-birth (left screen part 2 - vagina being sown-up) and the censorship that results from society not wishing to expose the realism of life (right screen part 2 - mouth being sown-up).

Even today to talk about how women give birth physically is difficult, because some people find that it's disgusting or too un-aesthetic. That is because there is a connection with sexuality - with the open sexual organ - the vagina where the seeds of babies enter during the sexual act and where the baby comes from in the process of the birth.

Today birth is more technical and it is acceptable as an operation with sterile medical help.

But what if the woman decides to give a birth on her own without medical help or even any help, because she knows she can do it naturally, instinctively, intuitively, physically just as an animal - organically... as organic and natural as her sexual act.

(This was in case of fact the type of birth shown in the film).

The physiology of the human being is not lower than the spirituality of a human being; our physiology is as free as our spirit. Very often we separate the body from the spirit, because we are conditioned by the social and religious doctrines that we cannot reach spirituality by being so physical.

Dark Theatre

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