Real self-knowledge comes from inner pain.

Inside this pain, there is something that keeps us alive, makes us feel and gives us the desire to live or to die.

Such invention of the mind is a state of isolation from "Illusionary" nothingness into "Real" nothingness.

The inner pain reflects itself into outer pain... and in between inner and outer existence of our Being we create a ZONE... the dominating dimension, where the imprisoned mind looses control and finds freedom of its Being.... Where the mind surrenders, by joining the body and spirit for transformation into an Absolute....

Where the "Illusionary" nothingness stops fighting the "Real" nothingness and every living molecule and atom becomes the whole nothingness.

The Zone manifests itself into a distance and period - between birth and death... then it becomes an imaginary Stage for the endless drama of the creeping mind - to pretend, to provoke, to conflict - always to be in a process of stimulation for reaching a Culmination in Satisfaction.

When the social and biological time stops and the surface of existence brakes through - the Being dives into emptiness where Birth and Death becomes One... And the Mind sticks inside your throat like a sharp fishbone.

The Dream becomes Life and Life starts dreaming.


Dark Theatre

all copyright belongs to Barrington De La Roche and Inesa Vaiciute De La Roche

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