all copyright belongs to Barrington De La Roche and Inesa Vaiciute De La Roche
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The ice-cold sadness melted inside my burning heart

My soul is screaming for manifestation of our new land

The wisdom of love is awaiting our sacrifices

Our blood is intoxicated by the essence of a different world...

What if this day is the last one

What if we could run away from our destiny...


The sky is crying with rain

The world will be finished again...

I will fall asleep upon the weeping rocks

Will you feel it...

Will you hear it....

I will bring you the blooming chameleon flowers

And the birds will return through white carpets of the golden clouds....


It is not a dream


We will begin to live again in the heart of our embryo

All elements will return to life!!!

We will drown within the fire of our love...

We will be us....

We will be one


No more words

No more pain

We will dive



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