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The bells are ringing in the distance of an unknown land...

I close my eyes

And lay in the poppy and camomile fields....

I smell the sea and hear the waves crashing onto the rocks.... Throwing the tears

of golden amber left over from the legend of love, jealousy and tragedy...

I collect the pieces of amber and hold them against the sun hoping to see our future...........

And I see the reflection of our dream we are dreaming...

The presence is our truth...........

We swim

We dive

We hold onto surface

We wonder and ponder

We laugh and we cry

We are found

We are lost

We are hungry and thirsty to be and to have....

Each other...

To be for

Each other

To respect

Each other

To care for

Each other

To support

Each other

To be honest with

Each other

To make love to

Each other

To fulfil

Each other

To inspire

Each other

To create with

Each other


Each other...


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