all copyright belongs to Barrington De La Roche and Inesa Vaiciute De La Roche


I strip and tease

My juicy flesh

For you, my death..

You are a voyeur

Of my bleeding solitude

You enjoy undressing me

With your hunger

But you can't have me today...

Not today...

One day

When I will be ready

For you to devour me

When my loneliness

Will become your pleasure

And my soul will be dancing

Its way to nothingness...

You will come close to me

Face to face

And I will see everything so clear

And deep

Like I have never seen anything before

Bright dark

I'm licking my wounds

In front of you

And you enjoy it...


Your eyes mirror my madness...

I touched your skin today

It felt soft

But cold

I stepped back

And I left you to watch me


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